4th Day Community

The Pilgrimage weekend is only a start; it is the short course in the fundamentals of living the Christian life (Cursillo), preparing us to be evangelizers. It is to be followed with our on-going transformation in Christ, to change the world for Christ. The 4th Day is every day after the three day weekend is ended. The theme of this fourth day, which Pilgrimage defines as the rest of life, is perseverance. In community, we encourage one another and are engaged in perseverance in living the Christian life, consistent with the vision of the Kingdom of God.


Please visit the Prayer Banner website to sign up for 30 minute time slots to pray during the upcoming Pilgrimage weekend. The site also provides a list of Staff and Participants (with mailing information) for the opportunity to write and send Palanca. Scroll down to the bottom of a weekend banner page for the field to enter your email address. The site will send an e-mail with the weekend information to the address provided.

As a part of the larger Presbyterian 4th Day Community across the U.S., please consider signing up for other Pilgrimage and Cursillo weekend prayer banners listed on this site. It is a great opportunity to serve though prayer.


Experiencing the weekend as a Participant is only half the blessing; sign up to be on Staff for ChPP27 and have the complete experience.


Our next Work Days will be Saturdays, March and March , as we prepare for the April, ChPP27 weekend. The work days will be held at First Presbyterian Church, Evanston. The hours will be from 9:00 am until 11:30 am.
First Presbyterian Church of Evanston
1427 Chicago Avenue.

Directions: Exit Dempster east from I-94. Drive east for about 4½ miles.
Turn left/north onto Chicago Avenue.
Church and parking lot on right after a block.


During the Pilgrimage Weekend:

–Prayer Service, (more information to come)

–Serenade & Party Set-Up, Saturday, May 21 starting at 5:00 pm

–Closing Service, Sunday, May 22 starting at 1:00 pm

–Pray for the Participants and Staff


Interested in joining a Renewal Group? Contact Sue Arntsen, email Sue